Bed Management for your Home or Business Landscape

Posted on: February 26, 2015

KW Landscaping is currently in the process of renewing all of our landscape management agreements for our clients. The services vary depending on the individual client’s desires and needs however, bed management is an important service to consider adding to your annual agreement.

KW Landscaping’s Bed Management service includes weeding & cleaning of all beds and pruning of shrubs, perennials, and ground covers for a manicured look all season long. During our SPRING CLEAN-UP in mid to late March, the ornamental grasses, liriope, butterfly bushes are cut back to allow for this seasons growth. Roses will also be pruned to remove any dead growth that occurred from this cold winter. During the growing season (April-October), the crews will visit the property every two weeks (for some properties weekly), to continue to keep the weeds pulled and plants properly pruned at the right time. The spent rose blooms will be deadheaded as well to promote repeat blooming, this is most commonly needed with the ever popular Knockout Rose. After all the leaf cleanup is complete, the crew returns for FINAL CLEAN-UP and cuts back the perennials to give your property a manicured look for the winter. Service runs March through the end of the season.

This service is essential to enjoy your landscape and not to be a servant to it each weekend. Let our crews keep your landscape well groomed all the time by hiring KW Landscaping to provide our Bed Management service. Please email KW Landscaping for more information or to schedule a time for a free estimate.

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