Why should you overseed your lawn?

Posted on: August 20, 2014

As we approach the end of summer KW Landscaping INC will be kicking off our fall lawn renovation season (September 2nd – September 26th). This is the ideal time to help your lawn recover from summer. Aerating, overseeding and topdressing with compost are all important lawn chores to be done in September. Contact KW to get your lawn scheduled.

Why should you overseed your lawn?

The weather can be tough on lawns. Lack of water, too much heat and traffic, and other problems can make it look worn and thin. You can bring it back to life by overseeding. Overseeding is one of the most important tasks involved in growing a healthy, lush lawn. While fertilizing your lawn is important, grass plants slow down their rates of reproduction after a few years. Over time, lawns that have not been overseeded will grow thin and unhealthy, making it much easier for weeds to overtake the lawn. Since a blade of grass lives only an average of 45 to 60 days, production of new tillers must continually outpace the dieback of older leaves. Young grass will produce tillers faster than older grass. Therefore, one of the most important secrets to maintaining a healthy, thick lawn is to make sure your grass is young. The practice of overseeding lawns is the easiest way of Keeping grass young.

When is the Right Time for Overseeding Lawns?

Overseeding lawns consisting of Cool season grasses should be done in September. There are many reasons for this. With fall germination, the young grass will have two or three months to become better established before temperatures drop too low and growth stops. Next spring, the young plants will have another few months to develop deeper roots before the summer heat sets in. This is the primary reason, but there are also other reasons for overseeding lawns in the fall. Below are a few:

  •  Overseeding lawns in fall reduces or eliminates competition from summer weedy grasses, such as crabgrass and other weeds.
  •  Soil temperatures are still warm in the fall, which is necessary for seed germination, while the cooler air temperatures are better for grass growth.
  •  Rain amounts and soil moisture is generally better in the fall.
  •  Overseeding lawns in the fall gives the grass a head start. The roots have become established before winter, which greatly reduces crop loss should you have a hot, dry spring.

Two things that KW does different than other service providers when it comes to overseeding;

The crews will use blends of seed for sunny areas and blends of seed for Shady areas; not the same seed for both Sun and Shade as all seed is not created equal. Seed produced for Sunny Areas will thin in shady areas and Seed produced for Shady areas will burn in Sunny Areas. Feel confidant that KW will use the right seed for your yards environment. If you have a sunny front yard and a shady backyard, you will get two different types of seed.

The amount of seed we use is double what is recommended by University of Maryland (Go Terps!!!). They recommend 4lbs per thousand square feet, while I have seen advertisements from others only using 3lbs per thousand. KW’s Crews use 8lbs per thousand square feet to sow a thicker lawn.

September is the best time for the Maryland region to get your lawn healthy. The soil temperatures are still really warm which allow the grass seed to germinate faster. The days are cooler which is the preferable growing conditions for Maryland cool season grasses and not weeds like crabgrass. Contact KW Landscaping for more information and to schedule your service.

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