Why Topdress with Compost?

Posted on: August 26, 2014

September is right around the corner and KW Landscaping INC will be kicking off our fall lawn renovation season (September 2nd – September 26th). This is the ideal time to help your lawn recover from summer. Aerating, overseeding and topdressing with compost are all important lawn chores to be done in September. Contact KW to get your lawn scheduled.


Topdressing is the direct application of a layer of compost and/or other organic matter onto grass. The thickness of this layer varies according to need but KW Landscaping generally applies a thickness of approximately 1/4 inch.

Why Topdress with Compost?

Topdressing your lawn with compost offers several advantages over other fertilizing and grass- maintenance methods.

Compost is the only slow-releasing soil amendment containing all of the necessary nutrients to maintain balanced levels of vital nutrients such as nitrogen, iron, copper and phosphorus.

Soil Structure
Soil structure is critical when growing strong, healthy, green grass. As an integral part of the soil-air-water-grass relationship, a well-structured soil will better retain water and fertilizing elements. Compost improves the structure of every type of soil—whether silt, sand, or clay. The intake of compost allows soil to be more porous with better drainage, while furthering the transfer of gases and the development of new roots.

Microbial Activity
Microbial activity is particularly important for growing and maintaining healthy grass. Excessive use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers weaken the microbial activity, in addition to acidifying the soil. The application of compost stimulates microbial activity in the soil and balances the levels of nutrients.

Thatch Decomposition
The microorganisms present in compost will transform the thatch (the layer of dead plant material in the grass) into an organic matter that will be absorbed by the lawn.

Neutral pH
The organic matter contained in compost (around 60 percent) acts as a reserve, holding micronutrients until they are needed by the plants, and allowing a more balanced pH level.
In summary, the beneficial results of compost topdressing make it the first step in a professional, complete, and ecologically responsible lawn care maintenance program. Topdressing with compost corrects several problems at their source and allows for healthy soil and grass. KW Landscaping’s topdressing machines allows for an even coat atop the lawn versus the wheel barrow and shovel method of application which will not produce an even coating. The compost application will help to maintain a rich green lawn color through the winter because of the organic matter in the compost. September is the best time for the Maryland region to get your lawn healthy. The soil temperatures are still really warm which allow the grass seed to germinate faster. The days are cooler which is the preferable growing conditions for Maryland cool season grasses. Contact KW Landscaping for more information and to schedule your service.